One Step at a Time

one step at a timeHi everyone,

After much bother with trying to get widgets into my blog, I decided to upload a different theme: Arcade. So far it has been very easy and lots of fun, but I still have a few bugs to iron out. I think the developer has made an awesome theme, because I have purchased premium themes that I have had to return and those were no where near as great to use as the Arcade theme (I’m even trialing the free version, so I imagine the paid has lots more features and support). My site even suits the love heart icon on my landing page. I also love using Photoshop and watching tutorials to learn more.

I am still on the hunt for exercise equipment and dealing with children who DO NOT want to return to school tomorrow. The boy, especially, is being difficult, but I guess that just means he’s loves staying at home with me.

I hope you bear with me while I make this site all it can be one step at a time.



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