On the Hunt . . .

don't just stand there


I think I’m on the hunt for some new exercise equipment. My treadmill just suddenly died. It could be because my fifteen-year-old daughter jogs on it, or it could be just that the treadmill is ten years old. I am contemplating making myself a treadmill desk. I’d buy one already as a kit, but they’re impossible to get in Australia.

It would be really better to get a treadmill desk and an elliptical machine (something else that would be fantastic) because both would fit in the room I’m thinking about. I have a flat screen TV with a headphone jack that lets me listen to YouTube videos with my headphones late at night.

I’m using an old, old, olllldddd stationary bike at the moment. It sucks. And my ‘sit’ bones ache afterwards.

I’m still learning everything to do with websites, but it’s fun to learn new things.

So I’ll see what comes first. The treadmill desk. The elliptical. The awesome website. ūüôā


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