It’s a Rainy Afternoon

green-bikeHi peeps,

It’s a rainy afternoon where I live, but if there’s one thing I absolutely love, it has to be rain. My dad grew up in Mackay, and he’d sit and watch the massive thunderstorms from all the heat that had built up during the day. When I was little, we used to sit at the lower level of a two storey house, from the safety of an open garage and watch the show. For hours and hours, we’d just sit there on make-shift lawn chairs. He’d be in his Stubbies, and I’d be in whatever, but we were quiet, listening to the drops spatter on the sidewalk, or sheets of rain pummel the asphalt. Some of the storms were crazy wild.

Only one child of ours (from the three!) loves the rain as much as I do. Funnily enough, she’s the middle child and the one who looks the most like my side of the family. She also has the Fraser sense of humour. If you’ve heard one of her one-liners then you’d know what I mean.

There’s a feeling I get from rain. It’s a sense of coming home and renewal. Or maybe it’s just that the cold wet makes the experience of coming home more wonderful. If there was no wet, dry would just be normal, not something to appreciate. I appreciate being dry more on wet days. And I also appreciate the wet on warm days in Queensland. The summer here feels like it’s never ending.

What about the smell of rain? If they could make it as a perfume, I’d buy it. Or the need to drink hot tea and coffee when you’re chilled? Or how so many things like wood and plants soak up the rain? I love huddling inside my house under the blankets when it’s raining, too. Movies and rain are a perfect match.

Looking forward to a cool evening. Bye.


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