An Experiment In No Distractions

The Internet is almost an abyss of entertainment. You can teach yourself anything you like, or have a set idea of things you’d like to research, then somehow you get stuck on cat memes or emails, maybe even Facebook.

Recently, we’ve had flooding where I live. And the Internet went down for two whole days. This shopping centre isn’t that far away from me.


Now, people say someone dug up the cable. Others say that the fibre optic cable got too wet. Whatever the reason, I had no Internet for two days. And I still don’t have Foxtel.

I have been forced to realise what a massive distraction the Internet is to my productivity. I couldn’t peruse my emails. I couldn’t waste time on Facebook. I had to write and I had to edit. Regular daytime TV holds no interest for me. In the two days with no Internet, I finished about ten days’ worth of normal work. Which is shocking!

The Internet is a huge time suck.

To combat this, I think I’m going to research ways of turning off my Internet during working hours. The only problem with that . . . two hours later . . . I still haven’t decided. And oh look! Funny Meme!


I might not sound serious, but believe me, I am! I will turn off my Internet between 9 a.m – 5 p.m. every work day. I simply cannot believe the amount of work I got done while I could not go on the Internet.

I have deadlines coming up, and I was freaking out a bit. Now one of my major problems is off my shoulders and I figure this trial was really an opportunity, so I’m going to use it as such.



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