School Holidays is here!

Hi everyone,

School holidays have arrived and it’s been a busy month for me. In September two of my children have birthdays, there’s Father’s Day, and a nephew’s birthday, then in the next month I have my eldest daughter’s birthday and my father’s as well.

It’s kinda crazy.

I have been occupied with reading and writing and baking cakes. I planned parties, bought presents (had an allergic reaction to some foods!) and did some home maintenance. I’ve fixed and painted outdoor lights, bought and installed new things for the pool (with hubby’s help) and have generally enjoyed the days when I got a spare moment to myself.

Damn, I have to do some weeding as well. Right now I’m sitting at my desk in front of floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook our pool. The sky is slightly overcast, the trees green, lawns need mowing! (if only I hadn’t put the petrol in the wrong spot!) and lots of craft and painting to do for the kids on the patio. I am also working on Spark, another paranormal romance with an historical bent and the third in the Immortals series.

Take care xxx


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