September 2016 – Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge – Piping Soap

Hi everyone,

Well, September has rolled around and that doesn’t just mean another Soap Challenge. September is an intensely busy month for me. Two of my children have birthdays this month and there’s also Father’s Day for all the wonderful, loving, hard-working fathers out there. Then I have friends’ birthdays and a nephew’s birthday as well. . .


What our girls and I made last Father’s Day:

Father's Day Cake

Yes, that’s pink frosting! haha. My reasoning for the colour was that we’re girls and we like pink. Plus, we just love to practice piping anyway. My eldest daughter is so familiar with the Cake Boss show, she’s the one I go to when I need to make fondant behave. I love baking. Some of my previous cakes:

Fairy Mountain Cake frog cupcakes Outside of Lego Cake Inside of Lego Cake14159133_10210591575489818_1201861965_n

There are plenty more, but you get the general idea. Most of my efforts can be pretty amateurish, but I don’t care 🙂 I have friends who are extremely talented at cake decorating. My eldest daughter is very good. My middle child (youngest daughter) just makes cakes, but she loves to create any type of food art, too. As my children grew older, I instilled in them the love of creating in the kitchen. They were my beater-lickers, egg-crackers and stirrers. I have fond memories of making cakes every birthday and experimenting with recipes that my family would love to eat when they’d come home from work or school. I love to make artistic creations with flour and sugar.

So way before I ever tried piping soap, I had attempted piping frosting and sometimes spent hours perfecting the consistency and mouth feel of buttercream, or working on freezing cake layers, doing a crumb coating and using the right tools for a smooth finish when I dirty iced a cake. I’d practice piping on cookies for special occasions, and during those times there was just something so satisfying about creating delicious treats with my children.

These pics are from 2009:

17155_1306962958380_4945743_n 17155_1306962998381_3311854_n 17155_1306963198386_6550863_n

And I’m lucky enough to have a partner who just loves everything we make in the kitchen. He’d come home from work and sweet talk us out of a cookie or two! haha.

Moving on . . .  as good as it is to work with food, piping soap is a thousand times easier. You don’t have to worry about how the frosting tastes, which is a biggie. But the biggest thing that will come into play is your skill with piping. I’m not that skillful, just enthusiastic 🙂


As much practice that I’ve had with baking cakes, I’m far from a professional. But I have a deep love and enjoyment of it. This is what spurs my love of piping soap. I first piped soap on top of a cake. Some examples:

13237612_10209715513388813_4031526193739445784_n 13260050_10209715489668220_8425350146611625044_n 13263821_10209715560829999_7433214688373479045_n 13501903_10209972982865389_9122644478695296279_n 13912474_10210319951339384_5161960958694128494_n


But as I haven’t yet made cupcakes, I yearned to try that first. I ummed and ahhed between my many fragrance oils. I have lots of ideas, but I decided to go where scent led me.

To start, I chose Yuzu FO for the base of my cupcakes, and Cotton Candy FO for the frosting.

The base would be yellow, like a butter cake colour and the frosting would be pink and blue. How exciting! I couldn’t wait for my lye and oils to cool, but wait I had to. I’ve discovered when piping soap that waiting until your lye and oils have cooled is one of the best things you can do.


Attempt #1


I meticulously washed and dried the silicone cupcake cases. I do this anyway when baking, and I put out some of my tips, not all. I had to go hunting for a few others like the large 1M. I use that one all the time.

cupcake cases


I’m afraid I did fall in to the classic case of overfilling. Such is life. This will all get covered with multi-coloured frosting anyway.

swirled cupcakes


This video shows the time you get to sit down and have a cuppa, or go on to your blog and start detailing what you did for this challenge. The frosting consistency is too soft. I’d removed my gloves at this stage as I was drinking tea, but I  wanted to show those interested how my batter couldn’t yet hold a peak. If you’ve ever worked with egg whites to make pavlova, whipped cream, or made buttercream, you’ll know the right consistency. I sometimes think of how a cook would hold a bowl of whipped egg whites over their head, and if the egg whites didn’t fall on the cook’s head, you knew the consistency was correct. Although, I wouldn’t hold a bowl of soap over your head :).


And while we’re waiting, if you like I can show you more pictures of soap cakes I’ve done.


Hot Cocoa Soap Cake

Hot Cocoa Soap CakeHot Cocoa Soap Cake Slice


Salted Caramel Cheesecake Soap

Salted Caramel Cheesecake Soap


See, waiting can be fun! 🙂

But yet again, I never have to wait all that long, so that could be why I think so!


After 30-40 mins (I checked the time on my phone) the soap frosting was ready to pipe. I took additional video footage at this stage of the process, and you can see when I come back that the batter is quite thick. Don’t mind the mess on the bench, please 🙂 It’s why I lay down plenty of newspaper. But you can see that the batter will hold a fine edge.


So I snapped on my gloves and got to piping!

Cupcake batter firming

A mixture of colours in the piping bag. Blue is on the other side.

A Mixture of Colours in Piping Bag


My method for holding a piping bag is a little different. I get rid of the air bubbles, twist the end and then wrap that twisted end around my fingers and then add extra pressure with my left hand mid way along the bag.


The way I hold a bagCupcakes


Final Result:



Another picture:




I made a Lemon Myrtle Soap Cake, but I can’t enter that as the piping colours aren’t mixed. I just did this one for fun:



Attempt #2


As my days got busier and busier (someone rear-ended my car and I had to get quotes, our kids had friends over for a play date, I helped a friend clean and organise for party because she was pregnant and just had her appendix removed) I just decided to do a Christmas tree soap.




And that is it, people!! LOL. I had a lot of fun with this challenge when I could find the time to soap. You can see in the Christmas tree soap, there are red lines with glitter that is meant to look a bit like tinsel. The star at the top was piped in advance. The bottom (trunk) is scented with vanilla rosewood frangrance from Aussie Soap Supplies and the green is scented with spearmint EO.





I would love to take some professional piping classes. Thank you Amy for yet another wonderful challenge!!






  2 comments for “September 2016 – Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge – Piping Soap

  1. September 22, 2016 at 12:48 am

    I’m so glad you shared your link with me! What a fun post – and your soaps turned out adorable! Love the colors!! I don’t think anyone else attempted to glitter their soap from inside the piping bag – glad that worked out! 🙂

  2. Naomi Fraser
    September 22, 2016 at 1:45 am

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for stopping by. I decided to do gold, silver and red glitter in diagonal lines inside the piping bag to represent tinsel on a Christmas tree. I first piped yellow soap in diagonal lines on cling film and then sprinkled gold glitter over the line, then replicated that with red glitter and red soap.

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