What do a strait-laced vampire doctor and werewolf wild girl have in common?

Tamara Westfield isn't any ordinary werewolf. She's half vampire thanks to Ravenkeep's MD, Alec Dimir, who saved her life with his bite. No matter how handsome and gentle he is, she figures they don't match, because she needs someone who can match the wildness inside her. If only the temptation to rattle his cage wasn't so great, and if only Alec didn't blow all her preconceived notions out of the water.




Anesha is a full blood fire elemental.

Her fire needs oxygen. Things to burn. Not civilisation and people. Yet, that is what she encounters when she travels around her home planet of Uspora, evading hunters who want to kill her and the havoc of her fire. She can only run so far—there is no way to hide from the energy—and when she turns around and faces her flame, the conflagration is enough to change worlds.




Transformation isn’t easy.

When fifteen-year-old, Eloise Mitchell, moves into Wynnum, Queensland, she doesn’t expect to wind up in hospital feeling like she had a lucky escape from death. Freaking out and asking everyone what happened, she pieces together a tale of how she unknowingly leaped off a cliff and into the sea.

New boy at school, Lakyn Ambrose, saves Eloise’s life. But danger, seductive and irresistible, lurks beneath the ocean—and the two of them must decide how far they will go to protect each other and all of humanity.





A dangerous encounter . . .

In the seaside village of Whitby, something sinister lurks beneath the guise of Gothic festivities, and Simone Woods yearns to discover the facts about her painful childhood. Fate intervenes when she is stopped by a man who appears out of thin air. His kryptonite is her sharp wooden comb, and she believes she escaped, until she wakes up in hospital with a thirst for blood.

The vampire prince who will hunt her down . . .

Juliun Cel Batrin has dreamed of his bride for centuries. Yet, he never imagined she would try to stake him or that he would draw her blood, transferring the power of the mist—the ability to turn immortals into vapour and teleport them anywhere on Earth. From the moment she resisted his compulsion and fought back, he knew she would not be an easy conquest. Proving to his sexy, independent bride he is the one will test his conscience—and his control.




For twenty-three years, a powerful water elemental has been training on the wondrous planet of Echyion.

Then Victoria Undine is released . . .

Only to discover her mother and step-father were brutally murdered the day before her discharge. When Victoria and her little sister, Maybelle, are kidnapped, Victoria realises the outside world is not as free as she imagined. Though luxurious, her rooms in the facility were a cage as is their new accommodation on Oshiro. As a prisoner, Victoria is forced to create water for the underground city. The only thing keeping her awesome power in check is the threat from Oshiro’s leaders toward her little sister.

Captain of the spaceship Liberty, Marcus Collins, is determined to save his desert planet, Qelia. He flies to Oshiro, hunting the water technology that made one of the hottest planets in the system flood. When Victoria stumbles into a bar with a dying child in her arms, he doesn’t believe or comprehend she’s the answer to his dreams.

But their trade has the potential to change the universe . . .

This story unfolds over four books. Each book has a different main character.