August 2016 Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge – Dancing Funnel Soap

  Hi Blog-verse 🙂 August has rolled around far too quickly for me. I’m another year older (Gah!) but on the plus side I finally got a Bud Cutter for my birthday! Yay! 🙂 I love it 🙂 And my darling hubby took me out to dinner at The Lighthouse Restaurant where we had an amazing seafood dinner. The next… Read more →

July 2016 Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge – Pipe Divider Swirl

Hi everyone, July 2016 will go down as the first time I’ve submitted my soap as a contestant to the Soap Challenge Club through Great Cakes Soapworks. I did enter the last challenge, Soap Sculpting, but I didn’t submit my soap as I couldn’t manage to pull off a sculpted or flat top. The skill level required was a bit… Read more →

Soap Volcano!

Hello all! It’s a gorgeous rainy day. While Brad watches V8 Supercars, I thought I’d make soap. My first batch was an all-natural orange and poppy seed loaf. I used charcoal to create a line above the poppy seeds. You can’t really see through the mould, but I’ll post a picture anyway to give you an idea. This soap has… Read more →

How I Put Widgets On My Blog

Hi everyone, I am going to make another instructional post, this one detailing how to put widgets on a blog page. I am completely new to WordPress, so I discovered my method through much trial and error. There are probably quicker ways. I am running a paid WordPress theme called ‘Arcade’. Here is the link to the theme’s homepage where… Read more →