May 2017 – Great Cakes Soapworks – Cold Process Soap Dough Challenge

Hi everyone,   It’s been several months since my last online soap challenge. Basically, I’ve been working and haven’t really been inspired enough to try other challenges. I found I was wasting too many ingredients on failures and that was more depressing than anything. I resolved to make smaller batches of soap if possible for a challenge and only do… Read more →

September 2016 – Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge – Piping Soap

Hi everyone, Well, September has rolled around and that doesn’t just mean another Soap Challenge. September is an intensely busy month for me. Two of my children have birthdays this month and there’s also Father’s Day for all the wonderful, loving, hard-working fathers out there. Then I have friends’ birthdays and a nephew’s birthday as well. . .   What… Read more →

July 2016 Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge – Pipe Divider Swirl

Hi everyone, July 2016 will go down as the first time I’ve submitted my soap as a contestant to the Soap Challenge Club through Great Cakes Soapworks. I did enter the last challenge, Soap Sculpting, but I didn’t submit my soap as I couldn’t manage to pull off a sculpted or flat top. The skill level required was a bit… Read more →


I’m no newcomer when it comes to self-learning. I taught myself how to write novels. I learned how to build a website with the Internet and YouTube tutorials. I built the website you’re reading from right now. I also taught myself how to use Photoshop, which took upwards of nine months, involving serious research, study, tutorials and practice. I make… Read more →

School Holidays is here!

Hi everyone, School holidays have arrived and it’s been a busy month for me. In September two of my children have birthdays, there’s Father’s Day, and a nephew’s birthday, then in the next month I have my eldest daughter’s birthday and my father’s as well. It’s kinda crazy. I have been occupied with reading and writing and baking cakes. I… Read more →


NANCY C. WEEKS   Please welcome the wonderful and talented author, Nancy C. Weeks, who writes a fascinating mix of mystery, suspense, and romance with her Shadow series. These novels are fast, compelling, well researched, and impossible to put down—a true treat—they even have an element of the supernatural. Nancy’s forthcoming 5 book bundle, Shadows and Light: The Complete Series,… Read more →

An Experiment In No Distractions

The Internet is almost an abyss of entertainment. You can teach yourself anything you like, or have a set idea of things you’d like to research, then somehow you get stuck on cat memes or emails, maybe even Facebook. Recently, we’ve had flooding where I live. And the Internet went down for two whole days. This shopping centre isn’t that… Read more →