Writer's block isn't fun, but here are some unexpected and fun ways to help you through.


I had writer's block for two months and I tried so many things to get out of it. One night I was watching Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. He had an episode about hacking your brain and there was a researcher who had done studies on the human brain.

This researcher reported our brains worked best in 'the zone' and that's how she got all her work done efficiently. To prove it, she had a professional archer shoot for a target and monitor his brainwave pattern. Then she got some amateurs, told them to shoot, noticed the difference in their brainwaves and made them relax to the same brainwaves as the professional. Then the amateurs who couldn't hit near the target at all almost got bulls eye.

These brainwaves were alpha and theta.

I found some alpha and theta music on YouTube and listened for a few hours. Then I did a free write and finally wrote the chapter. I did a free write before the music, but never got far.

I thought if anyone was interested, they could check out the episode and the music and see for themselves.